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Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE (Keeper) & Ch. Symmetry's Vrroom To Grow, CGC (Gus)

Keeper and Gus were two other puppies from the KinseyHam litter, born 8/25/2005.  They were brothers to our Teddy and Topper.

Although Keeper and Gus didn't live with us, they were shown in conformation by Ronnie, and their owners trained and showed them in Obedience and Rally.  Since they are mentioned so often in the News & Updates pages, they have their own page here for reference.

But you can see lots more pictures of them and their siblings Teddy and Topper on our Updates pages: 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Update: Keeper is a father!  Bred in 2009 to Vicki Monson's beautiful girl Ch Calypso's Born to Hand Jive (Jazz).

Update: We got a brindle girl from this Keeper x Jazz litter, named her Dakota and you can see her page here

Update 2013: Four of these Keeper x Jazz puppies (including our Dakota) have finished their Championships!  One of Dakota's sisters also has Rally and Obedience titles, and is showing in Agility!  What a talented family! :-)

Keeper at the Great Dane National

At the GDCA National Specialty in Topeka, KS in October, 2006 Keeper went third place in the big 12 to 15 month class of the Futurity! He was just 13 months old.

The Futurity is a special part of the National specialty - as the name implies, for Futurity classes the dogs must first be nominated (entered) before they are even born.  A second nomination/entry fee is paid before they are 3 months old, and a final fee paid shortly before the National.  A breeder or owner can cancel a dog's nomination for Futurity by simply not paying any one of the nomination fees, if the dog doesn't turn out as well as hoped.  But the first fee must be paid before the litter is born, which means the breeder really believes the litter will be an excellent one.

Keeper was handled at the National for his owner Karen by our dear friend Chantel Johnson, and she did a wonderful job!

Keeper's first major!

About a month before his second birthday, Keeper won his first Major at the big Houston shows!

Keeper wins again!

After his wins in Houston in July, the next time Keeper was shown was in Monroe, LA and he won on Sept. 1 at the Bayou KC show, giving him 7 points to date!

Champion Keeper!

Jan 2008- Keeper becomes the first dog from his litter to finish his AKC Championship!!  

He is now Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE

This lovely photo was taken in July of 2008 by our friend Zeli Schulte, and is one of the first times Keeper was shown as a "Special" - meaning being shown as a finished Champion, to try to get ranked within the breed.

Keeper also completed his Companion Dog (CD) title in Obedience, and the Rally Excellent (RE) title in Rally Obedience.  Beauty AND brains!

Ch. Keeper

Another beautiful picture of Keeper by Zeli Schulte.

Keeper wins a Group Third!

In 2009, as a 4 year old Keeper won third place in the always competitive Working Group (after winning Best of Breed that day).

Keeper at the GDCGD Specialty

At 4 1/2 years old in March, 2010 Keeper won Best Opposite Sex at the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas specialty.  He has matured into a big, balanced, beautiful dog!

Gus's first show!!

We were all surprised (and pleased!) when Gus went Reserve Winners Dog at his first show in March 2006.  He was just 6 1/2 months old.  No points, but a very nice recognition for a puppy.  We knew good things were ahead for Gus and Ronnie!

Gus's first major!

Gus won his first major in March 2007!  More details on the "News & Updates, 2007" page.

Champion Gus!

Jan. 2008 - Gus becomes the second dog from his litter to finish - just one week behind his brother Keeper!!

He is now Ch. Symmetry's Vrroom To Grow.

Way to go, Gus and Ronnie!!


Happy 10th birthday!

Gus, along with his brother Teddy and sister Topper all lived to be 11 or more! On their 10th birthday in August 2015 Gus came over for a birthday party.  They all got "cake" made from hamburger with cream cheese "frosting".  They had a great time!  From Left to Right they are Gus, Topper and Teddy.  We sure miss them all!