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Great Dane Club of America
health information, breeder listing and more!

Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas
The Great Dane Angel Network
Dane Rescue in North Texas

GDCA Rescue
State - by - state listings of Great Dane Rescue organizations in the U.S.

Great Dane Web Sites
The Great Dane Links Page
Hundreds of well organized links on every topic imaginable!

Correct Great Dane Info
An open Facebook group that is actually a GOOD source of information!

Surgery Guidelines for Great Danes
Please read this, print it out and take it to your vet for discussion before any surgery on your Great Dane (actually these guidelines will make surgery safer for ANY dog)

Great Dane Lady
Lots of specific information regarding care and nutrition of Great Danes, especially raising puppies.

Training and health articles, the Performance Danes page, and more!

DaneWorld online magazine
Great Dane Review online magazine