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Ch. Magazu N Danemark's Queen of Symmetry BCAT

We were fortunate to be able to add this beautiful girl to our family in July 2018.  She was bred by Shenandoah Ellis-Ulmer of Magazu Great Danes and Karen Martiin of Danemark Great Danes.

Whelped May 20, 2018.


                          Ch. Diamond Dane's Hot Off The Press "Preston" (pictures at link)

          Sire:  GCH Danemark's Sergeant At Arms "Gunnie"

                          Ch. Danemark's Princess Cameo RN, BN "Cameo"                                                                    


                          Ch. Danemark's Cartier V Aldawn "Carter"

          Dam:  Ch. Danemark N Daynakin's Fannie May "Hazel"

                          Ch. Danemark N Jaya Sweet Expectation BN, RA "Reese"


It's been difficult getting all her health testing done due to COVID19, but we have finally finished all the recommended tests: her hips are rated Excellent and her elbows, thyroid, eyes and heart are all Normal.  Her CHIC # is 154961 and here is her OFA page where you can see the test results, as well as test results for a lot of her relatives.  You can also find more info about health testing in general, and the recommended tests for Great Danes on the OFA website.

We hope to breed her in late 2021.

Baby Ellie

It's hard to believe she was ever this small!  Here she is at 8 weeks.

Growing up nicely!

She's about 4 months old here, and turning into a really beautiful girl.

Halloween fun

Fawn Great Danes make EXCELLENT lions!  Rawr!

Lure Coursing

Like our other Danes, Ellie is more than just a pretty face - she is very athletic and enjoys Lure Coursing (she has her novice Fast CAT title).  She also enjoys Agility!

4 major wins for Ellie!

Ellie finished her AKC Championship pretty quickly, and had earned points toward her Grand Championship before COVID19 shut everything down.

Owner-Handler Group 1!!

Ellie and Ronnie have also been successful in the AKC Owner-Handler series.  Here she is winning first place in the competitive OH Working group in Dallas in December 2019.

19 months old
Ellie loves Agility!
Ellie, all grown up