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It Takes A Little Patience, UD, RAE
07/04/94 - 12/17/05

Patience came to me in December 1995.  She was about 18 months old, a dog in our local Dane Rescue that I agreed to foster until we could find a "forever" home for her.  At that point I had fostered over 30 Danes for Rescue over the years, and although I was fond of all of them and fell in love with more than a few of them, I always realized that they were really "someone else's dog" - I was just their caregiver until that "someone" could be found.

But within 5 minutes of meeting her, I knew that I was that "someone" for Patience, and that was that!

She was not my first obedience dog, but she was my first (hopefully not my last) to achieve the elusive Utility Dog title which requires a high level of communication and understanding between dog and handler.

And at the ripe young age of 10, she became the first dog of any breed in the state of Texas to achieve the Rally Advanced Excellent title - the highest level of Rally obedience.

From the moment this sweet, pushy, beautiful, mischievous, outgoing, cuddly, lively, demanding, tolerant, smart, devious, occasionally obnoxious, never "patient", ALWAYS delightful lady came into my life until the moment she left it life was never dull!! And my life will never be quite the same again.

She changed my life in so many ways, and I am so grateful to have known her.

This was taken not too long after I adopted Patience - she was not quite two years old here.

She got so gray later, that it's hard to believe her face was ever this black!

Here she is with Oliver, a sweet collie we had for many years.

In addition to her obedience career Patience was a certified Therapy dog. 
We made many visits to local rehab hospitals and nursing homes.
Patience loved everyone, and the feeling was mutual!

Patience and Sara were the ring bearers in our wedding. We met because of the dogs, and they are still a major force in our lives so it made sense.

Verjean took this beautiful picture at one of the Dallas club specialties.

Here we're competing in obedience at the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas specialty. It's a noisy environment to show in but it didn't bother Patience when she was retrieving!

This is a blooper from a picture I was trying to take for a Christmas letter!

Winning the Veteran's Obedience class at the 2004 Great Dane National Specialty. She was 10 years old, and the following year we earned 4 Rally obedience titles together. Just like with humans, staying active can help an older dog stay healthy - you just have to use some common sense.

Good-bye my sweet girl, until we meet again.