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Living with Giant breed dogs is... different!
It's not for everyone!

They're - well - BIG! And everything about them is big, including your feed bills, vet bills, dog crates, dog vehicle, boarding expenses etc., etc. You don't have to be wealthy to keep a Great Dane, but they can be very expensive to keep!

They don't really take THAT much space... everyone asks me if we "live in the country" but we don't! In fact our house is pretty small but Danes make great house pets. However, they do need regular exercise and comfortable beds to sleep on. They need a lot of attention and since puppies will weigh 100+ pounds by the time they're SIX MONTHS OLD they need a lot of EARLY training!! They can start "counter surfing" by the time they're 4 months old!

But if you're prepared for life with a Giant dog, they're the best companions you can imagine.

Things can get a little rowdy with Danes in the house!  I've had them knock a sofa over backwards, so now we put the sofa against the wall :-)

"Barb and Ronnie are home, but are unable to answer the phone just now because we're pinned under giant dogs. Please leave your message at the beep".

Some Danes like the water, and some don't. Kinsey loves to chase splashes, even her own!

Kinsey as a Water Nymph

This was Topper's first trip to the lake, and she wasn't too sure about it at first.

But soon she realized that:
A) she wouldn't melt, and
B) it was nice and COOL!

As ethical breeders, we know that it's important for us to stay in close contact with anyone who buys a puppy from us - so that we can provide advice and support as needed and also so that we know that our pups are happy and well cared for in their new homes.
We have been very fortunate with this litter that not only are the pup's owners willing to stay in contact with us, but they are able to bring the "kids" back now and then to visit! Here are Buck (Symmetry's Trophy Vrroom) and Gus (Symmetry's Vrroom to Grow) having a great time together. That's their aunt Aeryn in the background watching.

We don't often get snow here in north Texas, but when we do the dogs love it! Here are Teddy and Topper with their mother Kinsey enjoying the white stuff.

Here's Teddy giving Ronnie a kiss.

Danes like to sit on couches - Teddy takes it one step further by sitting on the couch to chew on his bully stick.
It doesn't look comfortable, but then again we never claimed that Ted was a genius :-)