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Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, MXJ, NJP, OF, NFP GDCA Hall of Fame

  02/02/2002 - 12/19/14

  We got this wonderful girl from our dear friend and mentor Vicki Monson of Calypso Danes (in Texas - I've heard there is another Dane breeder using the name Calypso in Florida), and we're so grateful for her!  She lived to just a few weeks short of her 13th birthday, and was an amazing girl who epitomized everything GREAT about Great Danes.

*Title explanation: Ch = AKC Champion, RN = Rally Novice, NA = Novice Agility, MXJ = Master Agility Jumpers, OF = Open FAST Agility, NJP = Novice Jumpers Preferred, NFP = Novice FAST Agility Preferred


Ch. Demand's G Time V Jorivan

BIS, BISS Ch. Calypso's Disco By The Bay

Ch. Calypso's I'm Born To Boogie

Kinsey - Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, MXJ, OF, NJP, NFP*

                    BISS Ch. Terragan's Magic Show, TD

Ch. Rockingdane's I Am Woman

Ch. Rockingdane's Gone With The Wind


Baby Kinsey

Our dear friend Chantel Johnson took this beautiful picture of Kinsey and her sister Aeryn when they were about 8 weeks old.  Kinsey is the one sitting up.

Don't ask me how she got them to sit still for a second! :-)

First puppy match!
The first of many wins for Kinsey.
Lady of the Lake

Some Danes like to swim, but many don't.  Kinsey didn't like to actually swim, but she loved to play in water. 

Agility Dane!
You can start Agility training with young Danes if you use some care and common sense. Keep jumps very low until about 18 months of age; keep contacts very low; and do tunnels and weave poles sparingly. But that leaves you plenty to work on as far as control, handling techniques, teaching the dog to work ahead of you, etc.
You can find a great article that discusses specific safety strategies for starting agility training with a young Giant breed dog at CHROMA Dane.
Champion Kinsey!
Kinsey winning a Specialty Best Opposite Sex.  She has always been owner-handled by Ronnie.

Kinsey was bred to Ch. Jonor's Golden Hammer, CD, RE and produced 5 gorgeous puppies on August 27, 2005.  You can see more pictures on the KinseyHam page.  4 of these puppies went on to finish their AKC Championships, and two also won various obedience and agiilty titles.

We kept two of these puppies, Topper and Teddy.


More Agility!

Motherhood didn't slow Kinsey down at all!

Still going strong!
8 1/2 year old Kinsey competing in Agility at the GDCA National in October 2010.
MASTERS Agility dog!
Oct. 2010 - Kinsey finishes her Masters Agility Jumpers title (MXJ) at the 2010 GDCA National.  This requires 10 PERFECT runs - no jumping faults, no time faults... they must be absolutely perfect.  Which is very difficult at the demanding Masters level, which means the courses are longer and technically more difficult.  It's a difficult and rewarding title to complete, and not very many Danes have been able to do it.  Completing this title at the National made it even more special!
Sneak Attack!
February 2011 - On her 9th birthday, the dogs are enjoying a rare Texan snowfall. Kinsey is about to surprise her son Teddy!
August 2013: 11 years is pretty old for a Dane - so to help keep her strong and mobile Kinsey goes to rehab.  Walking on the underwater treamill is very good exercise, but with the water support there is no stress on her joints.  This is followed by a cold laser and massage session, which she enjoys very much!
Happy 12th Birthday!
Kinsey on her 12th birthday, ready for some cake!  (made from hamburger and frosted with cream cheese).