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Windward's Sahara of Wilobed
04/06/95 - 8/20/05

Sara was a Saint in every sense of the word... sweet and tolerant and unfailingly good natured.

She never got any titles. Ronnie showed her in conformation and she did get several points as a puppy but then she stopped growing and was just a little too small for the breed ring. He also trained her in Obedience and showed her in Novice several times but while she always enjoyed working with her Dad she never, NEVER could see any reason to do a one-minute Sit Stay when a Down seemed so much more sensible :-)

She did have her moments in the limelight - she was a certified Therapy Dog for several years and was perfectly suited for that noble work. And after she turned 7 Ronnie started showing her in Veteran's classes at the local Saint Bernard specialties, and she LOVED it. I'll never forget how happily she gaited around the ring, or her propeller tail wagging while the judge was going over her!!

She was also one of the ring bearers in our wedding. Unfazed by all the brouhaha, just happy to be loved and petted.

She started having problems with arthritis after she turned 9, but handled this with her usual good nature - and a lot of stoicism, I suspect. Acupuncture and pain medicine helped her a lot.

After she turned 10 she was diagnosed with heart disease and she did pretty well on medication for a while. But eventually she let us know it was time for her to go - her brave heart was giving out.

Rest well, sweetheart. Now you can run and play with your friends to your heart's content. You will always be in our hearts until we see you again.

Ronnie and Sara competing in the Veterans class at the North Texas Saint Bernard Club Specialty in September, 2003.  This is a nice photo, but what you can't see is her tail going around and around and around like a propeller!  She loved to go to shows!

Sara meets Chantel's boy Tiger when he was still a youngster.  Sara liked everyone!

Sara getting a nice back rub from her friend Stacey.  Aeryn and Tiger wait their turn!

We often have canine visitors - either dogs belonging to friends and family we are keeping while they're out of town, or a dog we are fostering for Rescue.  Sara was always perfectly happy to share her home - in fact, all the dogs get along great and we believe this sort of socialization is an important part of raising dogs who are sweet and tolerant.

All the dogs were in this room by choice - from L to R they are Patience (on the couch), Sara, Sport, Willow (a foster puppy), Kinsey and Aeryn.

What a sweet face!

Rest well sweet Sara, until we see you again.