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Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE (Keeper) x Ch. Calypso's Born To Hand Jive (Jazz)

Jazz is owned by Vicki Monson, who is also the breeder of Kinsey (Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, AXJ, NA, NF).  Kinsey is our foundation bitch, and the mother of Keeper.

We are absolutely thrilled that Vicki chose Keeper for her lovely girl Jazz.  Jazz was shown to her AKC Championship primarily by Vicki, but Ronnie handled her a few times and she spent a few nights at our house so we were lucky enough to really get to know this sweet girl.

Puppies due July 23, 2009.  

Litter pedigree:

               Ch. Jonor's Golden Hammer, CD, RE

Sire: Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE

              Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, AXJ, NF


             Ch. Turbo's Mr. Bigstuff V Holle

Dam: Ch. Calypso's Born to Hand Jive

             Ch. Jonor's Full Throttle To Calypso


Both Keeper and Jazz are health tested.

Keeper's CHIC # is 55655 and you can see his report here.

You can see Jazz's report here.

Pictures and updates will be posted after the puppies arrive on the Litterbox pages!

These puppies are NOT at our house!  For more information, please contact Vicki Monson at or email us at

UPDATE:  Puppies are here!  Born July 22, 2009.

3 brindle boys, 1 fawn boy, 2 fawn girls, 1 brindle girl.

UPDATE #2: We are getting the brindle girl!  Her name will be Dakota.

Proud papa Keeper
Here is Keeper winning Best of Breed at a show in Jan. 2009, handled by his co-owner Ronnie.

Keeper jumps for joy!

Actually, here he is just doing what he does best - playing around and being a big goof!

You can see more pictures of Keeper on the various "News & Updates" pages, on the "Keeper and Gus" page, and on my blog.  You can also see some baby pictures on the "KinseyHams" page.

Jazz's first visit to our house

When I say she's a sweet girl, I'm not exaggerating - I took this photo the evening of the first day she stayed with us so she could travel to a show with Ronnie the next day.  She is the one looking over her shoulder.  Sharing the bed with her are Teddy and our cat ZB (and Ronnie squeezed in there somewhere) - she had not met either Teddy or the cat before that day!  She was so calm and friendly, she fit right in to our busy household.

Proud mama Jazz

Here is Jazz winning her second major, handled by her owner Vicki Monson.

Here is Jazz winning another Major, handled by Vicki.
Jazz and her father "Yeager", Ch. Turbo's Mr. Bigstuff V Holle (on the right)
For more information about Jazz's sire Yeager, go to the Holle Danes web site.
Jazz's mother "Cami" Ch. Jonor's Full Throttle To Calypso
Here is Cami winning a major, handled by her owner Vicki Monson.
Cami wins again!
This is another shot of Jazz's mother Cami.
Yeager (Jazz's father) as a youngster
What a beautiful face!