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These are breeders that I would recommend to my friends or family members. 

I know many of these people personally; others I know by reputation.

They won't always have puppies available but when they do you can be sure they've done everything possible to produce healthy, happy, well socialized pups who truly are GREAT Danes!

This page is a work in progress - if you are a reputable Dane breeder whom we know and trust and your web site isn't listed here, it is an accidental oversight!  Please contact us and we'll add you to the listing. 

If you find any links here that don't work, please contact us about that also.

First of all, here are a few tips to help you recognize a reputable breeder when you talk to one: 

1. Look for puppies who have been raised the way you intend the pup to live with you.  In other words, if you are looking for a companion to live in your home with your family, that is how the puppy should have been raised at least part of the time - in a home, with a family.  But you'll have to see that for yourself.  Many commercial breeders claim on their websites that their pups are raised in the house, while in fact they spend all their time in a kennel building, barn or backyard.

2. Get written proof of any health testing.  Being told that "my vet said she's healthy" or "My vet looked at the X-rays and said they were OK" is NOT the same thing as real Health Testing.  For Great Danes, the following tests should be done:

-Hips should be checked for the absence of Hip Dysplasia, as proved by a score from either OFA or PennHip.

- In addition, screenings for normal heart, eyes and thyroid should be done.  For more information on the recommended health screenings for Danes, go here.

3. Possibly the SINGLE most telling question you can ask is "Why did you breed this litter?"  With a responsible breeder this question has been on his/her mind for over a year, and will start a fairly lengthy dialog covering individual weaknesses and strengths, pedigree research, hopes & dreams of what the breeder wanted to produce, etc.  If a litter has been bred just to make money, or just because it was convenient (i.e. the neighbors had a dog of the same breed) you won't get much of an answer, or will get something that sounds made-up. 

Myths and facts regarding finding a responsible breeder

More questions to help you find a responsible breeder. 

Dane Breeders in Texas:

Calypso Danes - Vicki Monson in north Texas.  Vicki is our mentor, our inspiration and our dear friend and she established the wonderful bloodlines that run in all of our Danes.  She doesn't have a web site but can be reached at

Birkin Kennels


Country Ridge Great Danes

Highlander Great Danes

Hi-Stakes Great Danes

Southern Star Great Danes

Summit View Farm

Here are listings of more Dane breeders by region:


Danemark Danes - MO

EIO Danes - IL

Holle Danes - OK

Jaya Great Danes - IL

Liberty Great Danes

Lobato Great Danes - MO

Orion Great Danes - OK

Saravilla Great Danes - OH



Davisdane Great Danes - MA

Sterling Great Danes - NH

WYSIWYG Great Danes - NY



Ashton Great Danes - GA

Fendane Great Danes - FL

Fleur De Lis Great Danes - LA

Longo Miller Danes - GA




West Coast:

California Dreaming Great Danes - CA

Dane Affaire - CA

Davishire Danes - CA

Daynakin Great Danes - WA

Olympus Great Danes - CA

Pacific Coast Harlequins - CA

Great Dane Club of America Breeder listing