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We had a busy 2007 with our Danes - here are some highlights:

Note: My apologies, but the updates on this page are in reverse chronological order.  Start at the bottom and read up!

Keeper does it again!!

Saturday, November 24th, 2007 - Gus went Winners Dog at the Cen-Tex KC show in Waco, TX for his 11th point and his brother Keeper was Reserve.  Very nice for sure, but the big news came the next day:

Keeper - with his owner Karen Schuller - finished his RA (Rally Advanced) Obedience title Sunday!  That makes TWO obedience titles that this dedicated pair has finished this year!  Way to go!

And to repeat the "Beauty AND Brains" streak, on Sunday the 25th Keeper also went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his 12th point.  His brother Gus and sister Topper both went Reserve. 

Another new title!

November 4, 2007 - Keeper - with his owner Karen Schuller - finished his CD (Companion Dog) Obedience title Sunday at the Bartlesville KC show in Tulsa, OK!  What makes it even sweeter is that he got his second major toward his Championship that same weekend on Nov. 3 under judge Eric Liebes!  Beauty AND brains!

His brothers Gus and Teddy were shown in Brace class together (yes, together...two dogs, one handler!) by Ronnie and did GREAT!  They won Best Brace in Show on Friday and Saturday!  (Pictures to the right)

New title!!
Oct. 20 & 21, 2007 - At the Fun-Tier KC show Keeper got his first qualifying score (1st "leg" - you need 3 for a title) in Novice Obedience toward his Companion Dog title.  Teddy showed in Rally obedience, and finished his Rally Novice title!!   He is now Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy, RN.  Atta boy!
Symmetry boys win again!

At the Tyler KC shows in Canton, TX on Oct. 13 & 14 - their first show in over a month - Gus went Winners Dog/Best of Winners on Saturday, and his brother Keeper did the same thing the following day... and Gus went Reserve Winners dog to his brother!

The Friday before the show, Keeper's owner Karen showed him in Rally, and they got their first qualifying score toward their Rally Advanced title!  At that level in Rally, the dog is off lead for the entire course so we were very excited!

This is Keeper's win picture from Sunday to the right, taken by our good friend Molley M.

Quick update

The Symmetry crew has had a busy 2007 so far!!
Quick update: Since winning his first major in March, Gus (Symmetry's Vrroom To Grow) has won 5 more single points with the most recent being on Sept. 3 in Monroe, LA at the Vicksburg KC of Mississippi show. That gives him 9 points to date. 
Keeper is catching up to his brother fast!  After his wins in Houston in July, the next time he was shown was in Monroe and he won on Sept. 1 at the Bayou KC show, giving him 7 points to date!
Their sister Topper (Symmetry's Vrroom At the Top) has 8 points so far and also won Best Bred By Exhibitor at the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas Specialty on July 5.
Not to be outdone, their brother Teddy (Symmetry's Make Vrroom for Daddy) got his first Novice Rally leg at the GDCGD specialty on July 5. Teddy has one point in conformation so far.

That's Keeper's win photo from Monroe to the left.

Another AGILITY title!

Kinsey (now Ch. Calypso's Vroom With a View, RN, NA, OAJ) finished her Open Agility Jumpers title on August 24!!

This was Kinsey's first Agility trial since last March - the hot Texas summer really limits our options for Agility trials down here.  But fortunately there is an indoor, air-conditioned trial in Fort Worth every August.  It's very popular, and the entries fill up so fast that we were ONLY able to get her entered on Friday.  Only one chance at finishing that OAJ title that weekend, and she did it!

Photo of Kinsey to the right is by 2MC Design.

More MAJOR news!

July 20, 2007: Like his brother Gus and his father before him, Keeper (Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, RN) wins a major for his first conformation points! He goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners under respected judge Michele Billings. The next day he went Winners Dog again, for another 2 points!

Photo to the left is of Keeper on July 20.

MAJOR news!!

March 24, 2007: Gus (Symmetry's Vrroom To Grow) goes Winners Dog for his first MAJOR at the Texas Kennel Club show under judge Judith Smith!! Now 3 of Kinsey's pups are pointed, and a fourth pup (Keeper - Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn) has two major reserves.

Gus's win picture from that show is to the right.