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News & Updates for 2008!

2008 has been an AMAZING year for Symmetry!!  Three dogs - all littermates, all owner or co-owner handled by Ronnie - finished their AKC Championships!!

Not to be outdone, their mother Kinsey finished two AKC Agility titles - at 7 years old! 

Note: my apologies, but the entries here are in reverse chronological order - you may want to start at the bottom!

Ch. Teddy!!!

July 20, 2008: Teddy joins his brothers Gus and Keeper by becoming the third AKC Champion from this litter!!  At the Houston shows, he won his third major - a four pointer! - under judge Peggy Conger to finish his AKC Championship!

He got all but his very first point from the Bred By Exhibitor class, and like his brothers Keeper and Gus, was handled the whole way by my hubby Ronnie!  (Although I did show Taddy in Winners a few times, and got a few Reserves on him - but Ronnie got all the points!) 

Now he is Ch. Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy, RN.  But to us, he's still our big ol' Teddy Bear!

The lovely collage to the left was taken and created by Jax Show Pix

Almost there!

July 6: At the Dallas shows, Teddy won his second major (3 points) under judge Robert Caswell Jr.  This gives him 12 of the 15 points he needs, and both of the required majors!

Now Teddy is on a roll!!

June 27 & 29 - In Oklahoma City, Teddy won his first MAJOR (3 points) under judge Norman Patton, and he won again on the 29th under Lowell Davis for 2 more points.  With the point he won in Denton under judge Jack Ireland in May, this gives him 9 points toward his AKC championship.

Topper gets her CGC!
April 30: "Topper" aka Symmetry's Vrroom At the Top, got her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate.
Teddy's turn!
April 12 & 13: At the Stephenville KC shows, "Teddy" aka Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy, RN went WD/BOW on Saturday under judge Norman Herbel and again on Sunday under judge Cathy De La Garza for 2 more points.
Mama's turn!

March, 2008 - Kinsey apparently didn't want to let her boys have all the fun!  She finished two AKC Agility titles this month: her Excellent Jumpers and Novice FAST.  FAST is a new AKC Agility class which requires the dog to perform a segment of the course at a distance from the handler.

Kinsey is now Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, AXJ, NA, NF, RN.

Ch. Gus!!

 January 13, 2008: under judge Jacqueline Rayner Gus goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners to FINISH his AKC Championship!! 

Now he's Ch. Symmetry's Vrroom to Grow!  Laughing He's the second of his litter to finish, and to have two of our dogs finish in such a short time is a bit overwhelming!  A HUGE Thank-you goes to his owners Sari and Jim Hughes for letting us show this boy, and for training him so well!  Like his brother Keeper, Gus was handled by his co-breeder and co-owner Ronnie Wilson - Awesome job, Ronnie!

Not to be left out, Gus's brother Teddy went Reserve Winners dog both on the 12th and 13!

On a roll!

January 6, 2008 - Gus goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners for his second MAJOR under Jane Treiber! 

His sister Topper continued her quest for the title of Reserve Queen by going Reserve Winners Bitch! Wink

Ch. Keeper!!
 January 5, 2008: Keeper goes Winners Dog/Best of Winners for his third major under respected breeder judge Clyde Morris to FINISH his AKC Championship!!  He's the first of his litter to finish, and our first home-bred Champion!  A HUGE Thank-you goes to his owner Karen Schuller for raising and training this boy so well!  Keeper was handled by his co-breeder and co-owner Ronnie the whole way - Congrats to Ronnie too! Laughing

Now he's: Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RA.

His brother Gus was Reserve that day, but on January 6 Gus had his own big news!