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Candid photos of Kinsey's kids

We are very pleased with this litter! They were whelped 8-27-2005.
Their mom is our "Kinsey", Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, (BIS, BISS Ch. Calypso's Disco By The Bay x Ch. Rockingdane's I Am Woman) and the proud papa is Karen Schuller's wonderful brindle boy "Hammer", Ch. Jonor's Golden Hammer, CD, RE (Jonor's Hugo x Taormina of Jonor).  Both parents health tested - you can see their OFA pages here: Hammer  Kinsey

The puppies were quickly dubbed the "KinseyHams".

We had one girl in the litter - a lovely brindle we kept and named "Topper", aka Symmetry's Vrroom At the Top.

There was one BIG brindle boy, who now lives with Hammer and Karen and is named "Keeper", aka Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn.
(Update Jan 2008: Keeper finished his AKC Championship!  See the "News & Updates 2008" page for details).

Last but not least were three lovely fawn boys:
"Teddy", aka Symmetry's Make Vrroom For Daddy who we kept;
"Gus", aka Symmetry's Vrroom To Grow who lives with good friends who let us show him;
and "Buck", aka Symmetry's Trophy Vrroom who isn't being shown, but rather lives a wonderful life with a great family in Dallas. We do get to see him from time to time, which we really enjoy!'

More updates: Gus finished his AKC Championship in Jan, 2008 just one week after Keeper,
and Teddy finished his in July 2008!  All handled by Ronnie!  See the "News & Updates 2008" page for details!

Just born! Warm and dry. Kinsey had to have a C-section and many thanks and endless gratitude go to our wonderful vets at All Care Veterinary Hospital in Coppell, TX and also to the Whelpwise Monitoring service.

Here they are 9 days old.

Teddy on the bottom, Gus cuddling on top.

Nine days old - I'm not sure who the fawns are here but that is Keeper lying upside down with the full tummy!

The photo to the right was taken at 22 days, by our good friend Verjean Lunenschloss who is an incredibly talented photographer. She took many of the photos on this website, and her pictures are true works of art! Her website is here

This little boy was 5 weeks old. Photo by Chantel

These 3 photos (above, to the left and below) were taken at 7 and 8 weeks by Verjean

I'm not sure which puppy is in the photo above.  In the photo to the left that is Topper on the left and Teddy on the right.  Below on the teeter are Teddy and Gus - getting an early start on an agility career? Actually, it is very important for puppies to be exposed to as many different experiences - and different people - as possible.  Setting up a baby agility course is a great way to help develop not only their balance and coordination, but also their confidence.

Topper was about 13 weeks old here - we took the pups to the park and they met their first duck!

Teddy was about 4 months old in this photo. He's an armful!

This is Gus at about 4 months. Maybe he's camera shy?

Gus and Teddy at 4 months.

Topper and Teddy playing with their best big buddy Tiger. Tiger is owned and loved by Chantel and he's a doll!

Three brothers, 6 months old at the Dallas specialty.
L to R they are:
Gus, Teddy and Keeper.