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Yes, Great Danes CAN do Agility!

Agility is undeniably a sport designed with medium-sized dogs in mind... however, the Giants can have a great time at it too!  You do need to take extra care when training a giant breed dog in agility, ESPECIALLY if they are younger than 18 months.

If you are interested in pursuing agility with a giant breed dog, there are some excellent articles to get you started at ChromaDane.

More photos on the Agility 2 page.

More information about doing Agility with Great Danes can be found on my blog.

Here are a sequence of photos of Kinsey doing the weave poles during an agility trial.

The photos here were taken by 2MC Designs.

It's interesting to look at her footwork in these photos.

The A-frame - one of her favorite obstacles.

The tunnel - not one of her favorites, but it's not a problem either!

The dog walk - this obstacle can be challenging for Giant breed dogs since it's no more than 12 inches wide!

Another A-frame.  She's just sailing over it!

She loves to jump!