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A Lifelong Infatuation

We are Barb Bristol and Ronnie Wilson.

Barb grew up with dogs of many different breeds, but got her first Great Dane in 1975. She took that dog to college with her, and has never been without a Dane since. She began showing in Obedience in 1983, and has put obedience titles on several different dogs of different breeds.  She has volunteered with many different Rescue organization over the years, and has fostered over 50 homeless Great Danes in her home since the early 1990s (one at a time, of course!).  She became involved in Animal Assisted Therapy in 1989 through Paws Across Texas and that activity - extremely worthwhile in its own right - led to her current career in Occupational Therapy. She also met her husband Ronnie in PAT.  Dogs have truly changed her life!
One dog who particularly changed Barb's life was Patience (pictured to the right). Barb and Patience first met when Barb fostered her for Dane Rescue.  After about 5 minutes Barb knew that Patience had found her Forever home right there!  She was the first (hopefully not the last) of Barb's dogs to earn the advanced obedience title "Utility Dog". Patience made history in 2005 when she came out of retirement to earn the ultimate Rally title of "Rally Advanced Excellent". She was the first Great Dane in the U.S., the first dog of any breed in Texas and only the 8th dog of any breed in the entire country to do so.  And she was over 10 years old at the time!
Barb enjoys all types of canine activities, but devotes most of her time to training her dogs in Obedience, Rally, Nosework and Agility, and teaching training classes with PAWS Agility

A New Chapter

Ronnie had Saint Bernards for 20+ years, and has showed them in conformation, obedience and draft.  He is still active in our local Saint club, as well as a member of the Saint Bernard club of America.  Since he and Barb got married he has been a willing convert to Great Danes (although we'll probably get another Saint one of these days!) and enjoys handling them in conformation and agility. He does a wonderful job with the dogs - Kinsey, her sons Keeper, Gus and Teddy; her granddaughter Dakota and now her great-granddaughter Izzy (as well as our newest addition Ellie) all have been entirely owner-handled by Ronnie.  Nowadays Barb actually prefers training to showing, but occasionally takes a dog into the ring.


Our Crew

We currently share our home with:

"Izzy" - DAT's What Symmetry Is, CA, BCAT

"Ellie" - Ch. Magazu N Danemark's Queen of Symmetry BCAT

You can visit our Memorial pages to learn more about dogs we've had in the past.


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