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The web sites listed on this page are not specific to Great Danes, but contain information that applies to all dogs.

Health Information
How to Dremel your dog's nails.  Keeping a dog's nails short is NOT just about looks - nails that are too long can cause stress and strain on the feet, shoulders, hips and back.

Early Spay or Neuter may not be the best thing for your dog There are lots of studies now that indicate that waiting to sterilize your dog will help him or her actually live longer.  Here are links to more studies and articles.
Recommended Vaccination Protocols
It's important to vaccinate your dog against deadly diseases, but over-vaccination causes many serious health problems too. The recommendations are changing, so be informed!

Whelpwise monitoring service.
This service saved the lives of Kinsey's puppies and maybe Kinsey's life too. You lease a uterine contraction monitor and an Ultrasound doppler to monitor the bitch during the last week or so of her pregnancy. It's not difficult to use and the tech support is fantastic!! I'll never have another litter without it!

General Information

Training articles
Some excellent dog training advice from an expert - Suzanne Clothier.

Drs. Foster & Smith
Pet care supplies; articles on many health and training topics.

Calm Down!
Training tips for a hyper active dog.

Woodhaven Articles
Excellent selection of articles on health topics, training, raising puppies etc.

Saint Bernard Club of America

North Texas Saint Bernard Club

Who's In Charge Here?
Humane training techniques to restore or maintain YOUR role as "leader of the pack".

Early Neutering Considerations
We are NOT advocating irresponsible or accidental breeding! Responsible pet owners never let their dogs roam unsupervised, and spay/neutering can prevent some diseases. But read this before you decide to neuter your YOUNG dog.

Common Dog Training Mistakes
Avoid these mistakes and your training will go much faster!