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Keeper (Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE) x Jazz (Ch. Calypso's Born To Hand Jive)

Born Feb. 7, 2010 - the puppies started arriving just after the Super Bowl!  

2 brindle girls, 1 fawn girl, and 1 brindle boy.

 This is a repeat of the Keeper x Jazz (hence "jeepers") litter last summer - they are full siblings to Dakota and Finder.

Go to the Keeper x Jazz page for more info on the parents including photos and health test results.

Futurity nominated for 2010 GDCA National.

Photos will be updated as they become available - Jazz belongs to our dear friend and mentor Vicki Monson so these puppies are NOT at our house!

As of this writing, a few of these puppies may still be available to show/companion homes.  Inquiries may be sent to  Vicki Monson at or email us at

For more photos, go to my blog at:

Litter pedigree:

                                   Jonor's Hugo

                    Ch. Jonor's Golden Hammer, CD, RE

                                   Taormina of Jonor

Sire: Ch. Symmetry's No Vrroom At the Inn, CD, RE

                                   BIS, BISS Ch. Calypso's Disco By The Bay

                    Ch. Calypso's Vrroom With A View, RN, NA, AXJ, NF

                                   Ch. Rockingdane's I Am Woman


                                   Ch. K-D Dane's French Gentleman

                    Ch. Turbo's Mr. Bigstuff V Holle

                                   Ch. Orions Turbo Spirit In the Sky

Dam: Ch. Calypso's Born to Hand Jive

                                   Ch. Socalco United We Stand

                    Ch. Jonor's Full Throttle To Calypso

                                   Jonor's Guinevere

16 days old - the brindle girls have ribbons on their necks

16 days - starting to play!

16 days old

16 days - all tuckered out!

4 weeks! L to R: light brindle girl, fawn girl, brindle boy, dark brindle girl

Dark brindle girl, 4 weeks

Fawn girl, 4 weeks

Brindle boy, 4 weeks

Light brindle girl, 4 weeks

4 wks top to bottom: brindle boy, lt. brindle girl