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...Because we believe a well balanced dog has a title on BOTH ends!

 Symmetry: n.,The proper or due proportion of the parts of a body to one another; excellence of proportion.


February 2024: Ellie is still on a roll! At the Wichita Falls obedience trials she got the last 2 legs for her Rally Advanced title, and the first leg toward her Rally Excellent title.  And she placed 1st in each class!!


January 2024: Ellie and I had a fantastic weekend!!  She finished her Rally Intermediate title, and got first "legs" (qualifying scores) toward her Rally Advanced, and Companion Dog titles.  All with placements!!


June & Nov/Dec 2023: Ellie and I have been having fun in the Rally Obedience ring.  She finished her Rally Novice title and has the first two legs (qualifying scores) toward her Rally Intermediate title, all with scores in the high 90s (except for one where I made a huge mistake).  She really seems to enjoy it, and I certalnly am enjoying having her as a partner!


April & Sept 2023: HUGE news from one of Ellie's puppies!!  "Sassy" aka GCH Symmetry's Boorn 2BSassy at VZTOP has TWICE won Best in Specialty Show at big Dane specialties on the east coast.  She is owned and loved by Wendy McLendon, Cathy Allen and Lorraine Rainwater.  We are so thrilled for them!!  This girl has a wonderful future!


June 2023: Ellie has been spayed so is retired from the show ring (although we are looking forward to showing her as a Veteran in a year or two) but has continued her Obedience training.  She got her first 2 Qs in Novice Rally with nice scores and placements.  Hopefully will finish her Novice title and maybe her Intermediate as well before the end of the year.


July 2022: DOUBLE WOW!!

In Dallas, July 7-10 Ellie won something 3 of the 4 days!  "Mama"'s still got it!!  On Thursday she went Select Bitch for another major to finish her Grand Championship!  Then she went BOS two other days for bonus points!!  Details on her page here

Her son Horton won his third major for 3 more points toward his Championship!

Then in Houston, July 22 Horton went WD/BOW for his last 2 points to finish his Championship!! He was also Best Puppy and then won 3rd in the Puppy Working Group!  More details on his page here


May 2022: WOW!!!  We have several exciting things to report:

Ellie went back in the show ring for the first time since having the puppies, and won 3 more points toward her AKC Grand Championship.

Even more exciting is what her son Horton has done!

In Abilene, at his first show he went Reserve the first day, then won Winners Dog and Best Opposite (to his mom!) for his first 2 points.  Picture to the right is Ellie and Horton.

The following weekend in Monroe, LA he won twice - both majors!!  Baby boy only needs 5 more points for his Championship!


NOV 13, 2021: Izzy finished her AKC Championship!!  She is now Ch DAT's What Symmetry Is, CA, BCAT


Oct 19, 2021 - Puppies are here!  Ellie has 12 beautiful pups, 6 girls and 6 boys.  For more information and photos, go to the litter page here

Note: these pups are all spoken for at this time.  If you are looking for a Dane puppy from a reputable breeder, start with the list and advice on the Great Dane Breeder page.


Sept 25, 2021: Lately all the news has concerned Ellie with her upcoming puppies (!) but our other girl Izzy has great news!

At the Heart of Texas Great Dane club specialty Izzy went Best of Winners under breeder judge Susan Yotive for her third major!! 

Now she just needs one more point to finish her Championship.


Ellie has been bred to a wonderful dog, and we are expecting puppies in mid-October 2021.  For more information, Ellie's page is here, and the upcoming litter page is here


"Ellie" Ch. Magazu N Danemark Queen of Symmetry BCAT is back in the show ring!  After finishing her AKC Championship in Dec 2019, she showed as a Special for the first time in Jan 2020 at the Nolan River Kennel club shows, winning Select Bitch one day.  This gave her 2 points toward her Grand Championship.  Then Covid... and she hasn't been back in the ring until last weekend (July 8 - 11, 2021).  To our surprise and delight, on both July 9 and 10 she won Best Opposite Sex over multiple other lovely bitch Specials, and got two 5 point majors toward her Grand!!  Wow! 

Then we showed her in Longview at the end of July, and she won Select Bitch one day, and Best Opposite the next for more Grand Ch points!  She's on a roll!


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Welcome to our Website!

We are Barb Bristol and Ronnie Wilson, we live in north Texas and we've been married since 1998.  We show our Danes in AKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing etc. We do this primarily as a fun activity to share with each other and with our dogs, but we also believe that these events can help breeders identify the best individuals to use in a breeding program by rewarding proper breed type, correct conformation, correct temperament, athleticism, and trainability. We will rarely have a litter but when we do, we believe in breeding only healthy, well balanced dogs who are as good as possible in all those areas.

Click on the links to the left to see pictures of our dogs, and read about what we've done with them.

We very rarely have puppies available, but please contact us if you're thinking of getting a Dane puppy - we can help you decide if this is the breed for you, and help direct you to reputable breeders and local Great Dane Rescue organizations.

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